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Digital freight starts with Carrier Identity

Highway identifies who's really hauling your freight to reduce fraud and supercharge your digital bookings

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Find the right carrier
for every load

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Build connections with speed
and security

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Ensure your carriers
meet your standards

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Find the right carrier for every load

Search with Highway's Lane Certainty™ route analysis tool

Filter carries by fleet portfolio and specialization criteria

Explore more than 225,000 Insights into verified interstate and intrastate carriers

Connect with speed and security

Build a network of reliable carriers with a personal portfolio

Watch connecting progress in real time with every new connection

Set, enforce, and override business rules unique to your needs

Ensure your carriers meet your standards

Customize your business rules of compliance

Opt into notifications providing real-time updates to carrier changes in your network

Integrate your connections with your personal TMS

Get Connected.
Hit the Road.

Move freight faster and safer with Highway

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