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From carrier sourcing and connecting to certificates and monitoring, Highway has you covered.

Highway Express

More than search

Search with Lane Certainty™

Find carriers based on how millions of carrier data points intersect with your lane’s actual route

Observed Lane Certainty™
Compare how often the locations of a carrier's past inspections intersect with the driving route of a specific lane

Preferred Lane Certainty™
Explore nationwide visuals for the lanes specific carriers prefer to run

HQ Lane Certainty™
Define routes as headhauls or backhauls based on a carrier’s headquarters relative to the route

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View Carrier Fleet Portfolios

Get instant visibility into a carrier's fleet of vehicles and trailers

Trailer Types
Browse trailer types and counts for every active carrier

Advanced Filters
Find the right carrier for your load with filters for the trailer types you need

Narrow your search to the carriers focused on the loads you need to cover

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Discover Hidden Insights

Make informed hires with more than 225,000 of Highway’s unique insights across 415,000+ verified interstate and intrastate carriers

Location Insights
Find out if a carrier is located in a residential neighborhood within a 5-minute walk of nearby carriers with broker authority

Operation Insights
Identify carriers with low inspection-to-truck counts and limited vehicle classes

Association Insights
Catch a carrier whose MC number was transferred or a carrier whose same contact information is used by another carrier

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Highway Connect

More than onboarding

Connect Without Friction

Build your carrier network with a modern connection solution

Connection Invitations
Invite a carrier to connect with you in a branded, mobile-first experience that's faster than ever

Connection Status
Watch the process update in real-time for every new connection

Rule Override
Set custom business rules of compliance, enforce them automatically, and override any result

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Mitigate Risk with Compliance Transparency

View insurance certificates and monitor carriers for ongoing compliance

Insurance Certificates
Confirm your required coverage with certificates of insurance for every active carrier

Up-to-Date Monitoring
Set up automatic notifications for any changes to a carrier's compliance with your business rules

TMS Integrations
Enjoy a developer-friendly, API-first infrastructure designed to integrate with your process

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Move Beyond Industry Standard

Discover what else Highway has in store and step into the future today

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Get a firsthand look at what’s to come from Highway and take the next step in outpacing your competition

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Get Connected.
Hit the Road.

Move freight faster and safer with Highway

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